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CryptFolio® is a powerful web-based platform for managing and tracking cryptocurrency portfolios. Our rich set of charts, reports and notifications can help you manage your cryptocurrency-backed funds securely and stay ahead of the market. We can also help your clients learn more about cryptocurrencies with our powerful, flexible and intuitive portfolio software.

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Key Features

All of our Enterprise customers gain access to these core features:

Screenshot showing a sample CryptFolio portfolio of charts and reports.

User-friendly portfolios

You and your clients can gain access to an interactive, powerful web and mobile platform for viewing their cryptocurrency portfolio. All parts of the portfolio layout can be configured by the client or your team.

Portfolios can be made public, allowing your clients to view your funds' performance without needing to login.

Demo portfolio

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Notifications and reports

Automated notifications and reports can keep you and your clients informed of changes in all of our supported markets.

These notifications and reports can be configured individually by your clients, or by your team for each client.

Coming soon: Monthly and annual portfolio reports.

Screenshot showing the CryptFolio wizard interface to set up notifications on changes in exchange rates, and on changes in the value of a portfolio.
Mockup showing CryptFolio running within the web browser on a mobile phone.

Mobile-ready and accessible

Clients and managers can view and manage their portfolio on desktop, tablet or mobile. All of our pages are designed to be accessible to the widest possible audience, regardless of technology or ability.

Coming soon: Printer-friendly portfolios and translation into 8+ languages.

Our commitment to accessibility

Manage your clients

Manage all of your clients' funds on a single platform. We support 18662+ currencies, 36+ exchanges, and an unlimited number of custom accounts.

You can create individual portfolios for each client; a custom portfolio per fund; or combine these together with custom weightings and groupings.

Screenshot showing the CryptFolio wizard interface to add new accounts, such as new exchange wallets, addresses, and mining pools.
Screenshot showing the sample audit log for a CryptFolio user, available to platform administrators.

Secure and auditable

Define a comprehensive role-based access control (RBAC) scheme to manage how your clients, managers and administrators can access data.

Your team can gain access to powerful user management tools, allowing you to create and update client profiles with ease. All actions are stored in an independent audit log, and secured over A+ graded SSL.

Security is at the heart of everything we do

Third-party integration

Managers and clients can download transaction logs of their portfolios in a single, standard format. These transactions can then be transformed offline or imported into third-party finance software.

Coming soon: Direct integration with third-party accounting software, such as Xero or Quickbooks.

Screenshot showing the exported CSV file of the transactions from a Bitstamp account, imported into Excel.
Screenshot of the CryptFolio source code, with some areas blurred out.

Extensible and powerful

With our team of engineers, we can help you and your team develop specific functionality for your business, or guide you to third-party solutions that will help.

Your developers can also access the source code, which can be evaluated independently by your security team. CryptFolio is developed with modern Ruby on Rails, SCSS, and Coffeescript.

Tools for developers

Need More?

Depending on your requirements, we can also help you with:

Enterprise API

Gain programmatic access to your clients and all of our historical data with our API, enabling your developers to integrate CryptFolio into your new or existing systems.


Create a custom look and feel for your clients, with your own logos, colours, domains and more.

Deploy on your own servers

Host the platform on your own servers, to satisfy local privacy, compliance or regulatory requirements, or to maintain control over your users' data.

Service-level agreement

We can provide service-level agreements to guarantee the availability of the services we provide to you.

Consulting services

With our experience and expertise in cryptocurrency and blockchain since 2013, our consultancy services can help your business understand this rapidly changing space.

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