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Reports on the market capitalization of cryptocurrencies and digital tokens.

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First Currency Second Currency Latest Rate Updated At
BTC USD 10,340.20 USD 58 mins ago
LTC USD 76.1320 USD 59 mins ago
LTC BTC 0.007366 BTC 59 mins ago
ETH USD 193.5592 USD 58 mins ago
ETH BTC 0.018726 BTC 58 mins ago
1ST USD 0.1264 USD 57 mins ago
1ST BTC 12.23e-6 BTC 57 mins ago
2GIVE USD 834.17e-6 USD 3 months ago
2GIVE BTC 130.00e-9 BTC 3 months ago
ABY USD 344.92e-6 USD 1 month ago
ABY BTC 30.00e-9 BTC 1 month ago
ADA USD 0.050257 USD 59 mins ago
ADA BTC 4.86e-6 BTC 59 mins ago
ADT USD 0.003161 USD 56 mins ago
ADT BTC 310.00e-9 BTC 56 mins ago
ADX USD 0.096284 USD 56 mins ago
ADX BTC 9.31e-6 BTC 56 mins ago
AEON USD 0.7319 USD 57 mins ago
AEON BTC 70.82e-6 BTC 57 mins ago
AMP USD 0.005380 USD 53 mins ago
AMP BTC 520.00e-9 BTC 53 mins ago
XRP USD 0.2811 USD 59 mins ago
XRP BTC 27.19e-6 BTC 59 mins ago
ANT USD 0.6807 USD 58 mins ago
ANT BTC 65.86e-6 BTC 58 mins ago